A hassle-free Google Chrome extension for data collection

Copying and pasting entries manually is so 2021. Why don’t you scrape them all with a simple click? Listly is a hassle-free Google Chrome extension that helps you export data from any website at no cost.

Let’s say you’re building your freelance graphic designer list. You may want to go to an online marketplace for freelance businesses, such as Fiverr and Upwork. Read on to this tutorial and check out how to create a list of freelancers in a minute!

STEP 1: Go to a website to scrape

Go to a website that contains the information you want to scrape.


Click LISTLY WHOLE to scrape the website. Once you click the button, Listly will automatically export all data on the webpage in seconds.

STEP 3: Hit EXCEL or GOOGLE SHEETS to download data

Hit the Excel button and download your data - that's it!

So what do you say? Do you want to stick with manual entries or switch to automated data collection? Well, now it’s up to you!

For your information, you can download the Listly extension here and it will walk you through how to get started.