The Secret of Tap Matching

When it comes to web scraping, options are infinite. You can either write code by yourself or use a web scraping service. No matter what it is, one thing is clear. It’s not always the case that your data would be collected in a structured and organized format.

You might be thinking, then how do I get the exact data that I want? We have the answer for you — let us show you an example. To start with, we’ll click LISTLY WHOLE to gather information about events from the MoMA website.

MoMA's official website. Source: MoMA

Once you click LISTLY WHOLE or LISTLY PART, you’ll be able to select a tab below “Select Tab to Extract”.

As each card number shows, sometimes each tab has a different number of cards and information. Here, the key is selecting the best tab that has what you want to scrape.

Scraping Tap

Tips about cards

In an effort to help users collect what they exactly need, we’re providing a maximum of 30 tab options now. If you didn’t find the information you wanted in the top 4 tabs, no worries — there are still plenty of chances of grabbing data!

Before you go, we have two more things to show you! You can not only select a tab, but choose a card to collect specific content.

Hold your hat — you can even deselect or fetch data excluding what you just selected!

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