Best Web Data Scraper Chrome Extension 2019

Web Scraper by

Users: +250,000

Features: Scrape multiple pages, Export scraped data as CSV, Cloud Scraping with Proxy IP rotation, Scheduler, API supported

Paid version starts at: $ 50/mo (5000 credits)

Outline Comment: It is used by the most users, and it is providing reliable service.

Data Scraper by

Users: +170,000

Features: Export web pages into XLS CSV XLSX TSV, Run Custom Javascript, Download images and snapshot, create private recipe

Paid version starts at: $ 19.99/mo (500 pages)

Outline Comment: The free starter version offers many many credits compared to other services (but it is restricted on some domains)

Listly by

Users: +16,000

Features: Easy One click UX, Web to Excel in seconds, Export Multiple pages, Click and Scroll automation, Extract Hyperlinks

Paid version starts at: $ 30/mo (3000 credits)

Outline Comment: Easy to learn. It is a good choice for beginners or small-medium business owners.

Agenty by

Users: +20,000

Features: Built-in CSS selector and custom CSS selector, Export output in most popular file format JSON, CSV, TSV.

Paid version starts at: $ 29/mo (5000 credits)

Outline Comment: It is a good alternative for those who want to use more advanced scraping.

Instant Data Scraper by

Users: +22,000

Features: Use AI to guess which data is most relevant on a page, Crawls listing type data from multiple pages

Paid version starts at: They offer full service only, which depends on the quote.

Outline Comment: It works well on popular websites.