Why do you need web data scraping to run an online shopping business?

Writer: Kiseul Suh, Manager of Lislty.

While we were running the web data scrapping tool Listly.io, we found that many customers were collecting product information and working on handling it.

And we often receive inquiries about customized services that regularly monitor specific shopping malls. Furthermore, many of our customers who use the Listly.io paid subscription scrap product information from various websites using various language.

So we know that the use of product information is a very important part of the online web data scrap market.

According to our research and interviews, collecting product information online has three main benefits.

1) Understanding product trends (even including the popularity of specific words used in product names or descriptions)

One of the interesting things about online shopping is that new products are constantly updated. But not all of those products are completely new. Often, the product we are familiar with is shipped with new packaging with a slightly different name. All these trends provide important insights for those planning a sales listing or for preparing a marketing plan for a new product.

2) Understanding market demand and supply

Most online shopping malls offer the ability to sort and view products by sales volume. Viewing the sales volume in a particular product category can clearly identify recent demand. In addition, the most clear view of supply and demand is price fluctuations and discounts. Due to very simple market logic, if supply is exceeded, prices will go down, or sellers will begin to offer discounts. This is important information for distributors.

3) Discovering New Market

Collecting product information sometimes gives important insight which products are 'not' in the product list. If you extract partial information, you can not get that assurance. But if you collect the entire product information through bulk collection, you will be able to draw a topographic map of the whole market. It will give you ideas on how to link or expand existing products, and will also give you business opportunities by identifying products that are not well supplied in specific regions or countries.

As well as Listly.io, you can take advantage of several online web data scrap tools. If you are looking for new opportunities in your online distribution business, we encourage you to be interested in product information analysis.