All-in-one for extracting data.

Chrome Extension.

Use a Chrome extension for instant data extraction with just one click. It is helpful when a website requires login or loading.


Add Scheduler and experience our automatic data extraction service. Our e-mail notification will let you know when the extracted data is safely stored on your data board.

Group Extraction.

Add a bulk of pages on databoard at once. Export data from pages into a single spreadsheet. Check out the status of pages at a single glance.

Proxy Server.

Add proxy setting to change IP address of your request.

Wait for Loading.

Set the seconds to wait for loading page completely.

Auto Scroll.

Automate Scrolling to load more data in a page.

Auto Save while Scrolling.

Capture all the data removed while scrolling up and down.

Auto Click.

Automate Clicking to load more data in a page.

HTML Fileboard.

Upload HTML sources if you have local .html files.

Auto Actions.

Combine and automate all the Actions (click, move, scroll) needed to load data. Listly team writes the action script for your task.


Check the page status when the extraction is failed.


Integrate the extracted data with the third party services or your database.