When to use Arrange-Cell

[Quick Summary]

  1. Introduction to Arrange-Cell
  2. When to use

1. Introduction to Arrange-Cell

Arrange-Cell is the download option that determines whether to classify data columns in writing an Excel file. You can find the option next to the Excel download.

2. When to use

Arrange-Cell Checked? Unchecked? Which is better? Arrange-Cell checked is more frequently used in most cases. However, unchecked could be also helpful in that case the target page has very complicated structures. It depends on the purpose of data extraction and the type of target page.

Let's have a test with an example (Reddit's main page) in order to understand the differences between when checked and when unchecked. Reddit is a network site of communities based on people's interests. We will extract the red-dotted area on the main page which contains the various types of posts.

We captured some of the posts to check how different they are.

And this is the extraction result by List/y WHOLE.

If the Arrange-Cell option is checked, each data is written to each classified column.

On the screenshot, you can see that the titles of all the posts are collected in column L.

In a macro view, you can see the empty cells as many as the posts are different from each other.

If the Arrange-Cell option is unchecked, each data is written from the left column to the right column in regular sequence.

On the screenshot, you can see the whole data at a glance better than the previous one because there are fewer empty columns.