The real reason travel agencies are collecting flight prices every 10 minutes

Data collection is the first step to reflect the lowest prices on the strategic decisions in real time to win the price war. Listly helps travel agencies keep track of the prices of flights and tour packages at a scheduled time and streamline their data collection workflows. With Listly, travel businesses can collect data from millions of the best deals online and their sales reps can easily monitor the extracted price data.

By using Listly's web scraping, you can improve your sales performance by letting your sales teams:

  • Find the best deals of your competitors in real time
  • Collect price data without the pain of endless copying and pasting
  • Monitor prices and reflect them on its strategic decisions to boost customer acquisition

For more details, check out the following tutorial. Collecting web data is easy as one, two, three, with Listly!

1. Click Listly Whole or Listly Part to scrape data.

2. Select a tab to extract and save data.

3. Export data to various output formats: Excel, Google Sheets, API, etc.