Get all data that match patterns

Who can use this feature?

  • All users who want to simplify their data collection workflow and avoid getting blocked while web scraping
  • Available on paid plans

[New Feature] LISTLY TABS

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💡 What is Listly Tabs?

Use this pattern-matching feature and get data that has the same data pattern at once! With this feature, you can simplify your repetitive manual scraping tasks by opening multiple tabs in your browser and clicking Part on the extension.

❗ Please note that your destination website might view your web scraper as a non-human activity if you open too many browser tabs and make concurrent requests within a short period of time, leading to slow website loading or a temporary error. It is recommended to open about 30 pages or fewer to avoid it.

How it Works

1. Open the web pages you want to scrape on separate tabs in your browser.

For more details about how to open multiple tabs at once, please check out our tutorial!

2. Go to one of the tabs and click Listly extension iconTabsPart button.

3. Select a specific part of the web page you want to scrape.

4. Once web scraping is done, you'll be able to see all data that repeats in a recognizable way being collected in a single folder.

5. Choose a tab that contains the information you want and click either Excel or Google Sheets to export data.

6. There you go! Check out the spreadsheet that has all the information scraped from multiple tabs 😊