Gather data from private pages

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who want to scrape data from any website that requires login
  • Available on Business Plan

When do I use Folder Download?

You may want to use Folder Download if you're scraping:

  • A website that requires a login
  • A website that has blocked your IP address
  • A website that does not give each page a unique URL
  • A website that cannot be scraped using Auto Click or Auto Scroll features

Create a folder group and download data into a spreadsheet

For those who are interested, here's how to download data using the folder group feature

① Go to a website you want to scrape and log into your account.

② Click Listly Whole or Listly Part to scrape data on each page.

③ Go to your Databoard once the web scraping is done.

④ Select the URLs you want to group.

⑤ Click Folders and create a folder by clicking Add.

⑥ Click Move and select the folder you created.

⑦ Click Latest and turn on the Folder Download toggle button on the top.

⑧ Download data in the format you would like to export to.