Repeat clicking to load more data

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who want to repeat button clicks automatically to collect more data
  • Available on Business Plan

You may have seen a website that loads more data once you click a “load more” button while browsing e-commerce platforms. If you're trying to collect all data hidden behind the button, you may want to repeat clicking the button automatically using Listly’s Auto-Click.

Automatically repeat button clicks to extract more data

① Go to a website you want to scrape and click Listly Whole.

② Right-click on the Load More button and click Inspect.

③ Right-click again on the highlighted section (developer tool) and click Copy > Copy selector.

④ Go to your Databoard and click Add Settings.

⑤ Paste the CSS selector to the Element to Auto Click field.

* You might set up how many times you want to repeat button clicks and how long you want to pause per click.

⑥ Click Save to update the settings.

⑦ Click Refresh to re-do the scraping.