Alternatives to ScrapingBee

Web scraping has become increasingly popular, which has led to businesses looking for scraping tools to extract data from their competitor's websites or other data sources on the web. One such renowned scraping tool is ScrapingBee, which effectively extracts data using CSS selectors or XPath.

However, ScrapingBee is not the only tool available in the market. If you are looking for better features and cost-effective options, you might want to check the best alternative scraping tools to ScrapingBee.

Let's discover the top alternatives to ScrapingBee that can help you extract data more efficiently and cost-effectively.

What Is ScrapingBee?

Whether it is lead generation, market research, or competitor analysis, ScrapingBee has the much-needed features for extracting data.

This scraping tool is well-known for its simplistic interface and easy-to-use features. ScrapingBee includes the best web interface and pre-built scrapers, making the scraping process effortless.

Plus, you can create scrapers using programming languages such as PHP and Python.

A feature that makes ScrapingBee stand out is the automatic rotation of IP addresses and user agents. This helps you to scrape easily without being detected by website servers.

Top Alternatives for ScrapingBee

Let's take a look at some of the top alternatives for ScrapingBee:


Link: is a web scraping tool that helps users extract data from websites in a structured format. With, users can easily and quickly extract data from various websites, including e-commerce stores, social media platforms, and news websites.

Key Features

Chrome Browser Extension – The highly rated web scraping Chrome browser extension allows users to scrape data with just a click. Users can stay logged in to manage data on the data board.

Group Extraction – It lets users add multiple pages on the dashboard at once. They can then export data from all these pages into one spreadsheet. The best part is that the status of pages can be viewed at a single glance.

Scheduler – With Scheduler, users can stay in touch with the latest updates once data is securely scrapped and stored on the data board.

ActionScript – If a user wants to do a mix of mouse actions such as click, scroll, or move, ActionScript is the go-to choice. With extra payment, users can ask's developers for different script codes for the action script.

Proxies – allows for the easy use of proxies to escape bot detection during scraping jobs and projects. Different countries and dedicated proxies are available for a modest upcharge.


● Comes with a free monthly plan

● Paid plan starts at $90/month


● Automated extraction saves time and effort

● Custom extraction tools provide flexibility

● Multiple data formats make it easy to integrate data into workflows


● Limited features in the free plan

● Limited customization options for extraction rules

2. ScrapingHub


ScrapingHub is a cloud-based scraping platform that provides a suite of data extraction and management tools. It offers automated and manual scraping options, making it suitable for many use cases.

Key Features

Scrapy Cloud – Its cloud-based platform, Scrapy Cloud, allows users to schedule and run web scraping jobs, monitor the progress of the jobs, and manage the extracted data.

Automated Scraping – It offers automated web scraping options, which enable users to extract data from multiple pages and websites automatically.

Manual Scraping – It also offers a manual scraping option, which allows users to extract data from specific pages using their browser extension.