Best Web Scraping Service for 2022

With so many web scraping services available, data collection is easier than ever. That being said, it’s not easy to adapt yourself to different types of web scrapers. Well, you don’t need to do so! Try this free, no-coding web scraping tool with just one click.

Best web scraping service for data extraction


Listly is a lightweight Google Chrome extension designed for anyone looking for an easier way to generate sales leads, source product information, collect customer reviews, and track daily logs. Listly is bringing an all-in-one experience to web data collection, trusted by more than 70,000 professionals worldwide. Listly focuses on areas of unmet data cleaning need and leverages its expertise to strive for solutions that streamline repetitive tasks and automate data collection processes, helping people focus on their most important work.

What’s included in the free version?

Listly’s free version allows users to do the basics, which would be enough for your data collection journey: unlimited website-to-data conversion, hyperlink download, iFrame detection, and data sorting features.

1. Unlimited website to data conversion Converting a single web page into a spreadsheet is unlimited.

2. Hyperlink download When you gather web data, you may need hyperlinks pointing to a specific location. Most of our users use this feature to access detail pages.

3. iFrame detection Listly automatically detects an iFrame element, an HTML document embedded in another HTML document on a website, so that users can collect all the information without losing any data.

4. Data sorting Users can not only collect data but arrange them in the horizontal or vertical direction. Plus, the TABLE-LIKE feature allows users to scrape content from data tables and simply organize them.

Best for: Marketers, data analysts, and anyone looking for a productivity tool to collect data from websites

Alternatives to Listly

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