Boosting your e-commerce business with web scraping

How Online Businesses Can Optimize Their Operations


In recent times, the online landscape has begun to transform dramatically. Commercial enterprises and small stores alike have taken to the internet to carry out their businesses online. It offers them an easy way to access a larger audience, while facilitating their operations effectively. However, many businesses hit a wall. They don’t know where to look to optimize an online store, and furthermore don’t know how to do it well.

This is where web scraping comes into play. Web scraping is the process of extracting vital industry level data from various online sources to analyze it and make business decisions. It’s an easy way for online stores to collect competitor pricing, gather manufacturer rates, and even extract product reviews. Each of these facets aids your online business in boosting itself, as it helps you understand where to make the right changes.

Here, we dive into five web scraping tools that can help boost your online business!


Listly is a free to use Chrome extension that integrates with your browser directly. It is the all-in-one web scraping tool to use to optimize your online business. Let’s dive into its features. Listly’s scheduler allows you to receive timely updates about your data automatically, making it easy to know when to scrape again. It also allows for group extractions, allowing you to collect data from dozens of pages all in one click. Listly can also automate scrolling, clicking, and saving data; this makes it easy to extract the most amount of data with the least amount of work.

Using Listly, e-commerce businesses can elevate their operations greatly. Use the web scraping tool to collect your competitors pricing data; this can help you decide whether your product is priced too high or too low. You can also use Listly to gather product reviews from customers. This data can be used to adjust your offerings to match your consumer sentiment. Let’s explore some alternative services like Listly.

This is a free to use web scraping tool that integrates in your chrome browser. It has a simple interface that enables you to extract data from dynamic websites such as Amazon, eBay, and many more. WebScraper features an easy-to-use point-and-click interface that can collect thousands of records of data in just a few minutes of scraper setup. One downside to using is that it lacks many advanced features that make data extraction even easier.


SimpleScraper is another free to use data collection tool that is featured in the Chrome Web Store. It runs locally in your browser and makes it quick and efficient to extract large amounts of data from a variety of different web pages. One drawback of using this tool is that it also lacks any features aside from simple web scraping. There is no way for users to automate the process, thereby increasing the amount of time it takes to scrape. Let’s dive into another tool that powers data extraction.


The next web scraping tool we have for you is DataMiner. This is a powerful data mining tool that allows you to scrape web data directly into a CSV or Excel file. It offers users the ability to extract data without coding at all and is handily available in your Chrome browser for use. It can scrape multiple pages at once and allows you to enter custom recipes that make for a flexible user experience. If you don’t like to code, you’ll love this next web scraping tool!

NoCoding Data Scraper

NoCoding Data Scraper is another free Chrome extension that offers web scraping capabilities. It allows users to extract data simply and efficiently from web pages for analysis. It features a variety of third-party integrations, such as with Google Sheets or Slack, making it a versatile tool for your online business. As explained in its name, this tool requires no coding on the user side. It has an intuitive user interface, creating for a straightforward experience.

Web scraping transforms the e-commerce landscape. It offers businesses the ability to derive powerful insights from industry-level data. Tools like Listly make it easy to elevate your e-commerce business with data extraction; you can perform competitor analyses, examine product reviews, and extract manufacturer pricing in mere seconds. These are the activities that will show you exactly how you can improve an e-commerce business. Web scraping is the light that can guide your online endeavors.