The easiest way to scrape the AliExpress e-commerce website

With Listly, your web data collection can be done in just a matter of seconds! Not to mention, you can get product information from any e-commerce website, such as Amazon, Costco, Target, Shopify, and you name it.

Check out this walkthrough and gather information about product details, prices, and more!

First things first, do a keyword search so that you can look up products you want to scrape, such as a coffee machine.

To get the product data highlighted in blue below, hit LISTLY PART and then RUN LISTLY.

That’s it! Now you’ll find all the information you just saw on the AliExpress online store. Click EXCEL and download your data in Excel.

It’s easy as A-B-C. Try Listly’s unlimited 1-Web Page-1-Excel service for free!