Easy Tips to Keep Up-To-Date During a Job Search

When it comes to job hunting, it is key to keeping up to date with as much as job searching resources. Well, we know that your days are already so busy with interviews! No worries, so we’ve rounded up some tips and tricks for collecting the latest job postings.

Let’s say you’re searching for data science jobs on Indeed and want to stay informed about the latest job alert. As usual, you’ll be prompted to click LISTLY WHOLE or LISTLY PART once you hit the Listly’s extension icon.

Scraping Tip
LISTLY PART allows you to select one element at a time. You can extend the select area by clicking an upwards arrow so that you can scrape all the items on the website.

You can simply click on the LISTLY PART button here to collect postings data in the left column. Select a tab that is most likely to contain the data you want to scrape and hit the EXCEL button on the top.

If you’ve followed the instructions carefully so far, you’d be able to export the following data right away.

Last but not least, don’t forget to add a task scheduler on your Databoard page so that you can get the latest job postings at specific intervals.

Why not start automating your job search process with Listly?

Scraping Tip
You can set your time zone, repeat intervals, and get an email notification!