Folder Group Extraction

The Three Words to Remember: Scrape. Sort. Repeat.

Wondering how to extract web data only available in your personal account? Getting blocked again, while scraping websites that cannot be accessed with their URLs?

Read on to learn more about what the Folder Group Extraction is and why it is so important for your data collection workflow.

What is Folder Group Extraction

It allows users to group data extracted from multiple web pages into a specific single folder and download them into one Excel worksheet.

Why is it important

This feature is essential when scraping 1) websites that require authentication (user ID and password), or 2) web pages that cannot be reached with their URLs.

How to use it

Here’s a step-by-step guide for Folder Group Extraction. If you want to find out more about scraping a website that requires login, check out this video tutorial.

Assuming that you’re scraping a website that displays information split across multiple web pages, such as 1, 2, 3 … pages,

  1. Go to your target page — if your target website requires a login, log into your account first
  2. Scrape each web page — your extraction results will be available on your Databoard
  3. Create a folder — once you create a folder, group the extracted data into the folder
  4. Click one of the extraction results — select a tab you’d like to extract and change the Current URL option to Folder Group. Now, you’ll be able to choose a specific folder you want to download
  5. Download your data — ta-da! Save your data into a single spreadsheet