Keys to collecting reviews for movies and TV from IDMB for your research

Get started with Listly as your data collection tool for machine learning

Did you know that a web crawling service can help you collect reviews for movies, short films, or series from any review-aggregator website? Check out IDMB (Internet Movie Database), the world’s most popular and authoritative source for movie and TV content, and see what you can scrape!

Hit the LISTLY WHOLE button to scrape the website.

Check out what else you can collect. Don’t be surprised, your data should be collected in just a few seconds.

Download your data into Excel and arrange them in meaningful order so that you can analyze them effectively.

Still curious about how to collect millions of data? Check out Listly’s tips and tricks and see how web scraping can help you extract web data from any review-aggregation website. Oh, Rotten Tomatoes is no exception!