Let's be more transparent about salaries

Salary transparency has been gaining popularity over the past years; TikTok creators are talking about it, and even short videos are going viral on the platform lately.

So for those of you guys interested in it, we’ve got this for you! Levels.fyi, which is a compensation data source that provides a detailed breakdown by skills, company size, location, etc. It provides a user-friendly interface though, you can also export data from the source and sort them in Excel. Check out this walkthrough and create your own database that fits your needs with Listly!

Step 1: Go to Levels.fyi and select a job title or a location

Select a job title or search for a keyword that you want to check out. Then, this data source will automatically display relevant information.

Step 2: Click LISTLY PART

Click LISTLY PART to scrape the column in the middle, which contains the compensation information by company, salary, etc.

STEP 3: Download data

Listly will take you to the result page that shows your web scraping results once you click the button. Click EXCEL or GOOGLE SHEETS to save your data in a spreadsheet.

Listly currently provides an API beta service, so you may want to use it to access your data and interact with external software components as follows:

There you go! You can find all information at a glance, from companies to monthly pays, in a single spreadsheet. Now, it’s up to you to filter them out by location, hourly pay, and monthly pay!