Listly’s free, unlimited web page-to-Excel service will help you save time and money

With Listly, you don’t need to worry about Python or coding — all you need is five seconds of patience! This post will walk you through how to gather information from any website; for instance, you can scrape Reddit, which is a network of communities where people talk about their interests or hobbies!

Pick a topic of your interest and click LISTLY WHOLE.

You’ll find that some data were scraped from the website once you hit the button. For your information, you can access your data extraction history anytime you want if you signed up for Listly. Otherwise, you’ll see a warning message “This result is accessible for 5 minutes only“. That said, unlimited 1 Web Page-1 Excel conversion service is always free!

As mentioned earlier, you don’t need to worry about it if you have already signed in with a Listly account.

Once your data is extracted, click EXCEL to download. Save time and get more done!