Listly's Group Extraction will help you get more done faster

If you need to gather information split across multiple detail pages, you can use Listly’s Group Extraction and simplify your data collection process.

2 Rules of thumb to keep your data collection faster

Rule of thumb 1: Use LISTLY WHOLE to collect a list of products, real estate listings for sale, weekly top songs, or exhibitor directory from a listing page.

A listing page is a web page that displays a list of items based on a category or search results.

Rule of thumb 2: Use LISTLY PART to get more detailed information, such as product manufacturers and real estate pricing information from a detail page.

If you’re collecting some more detailed pieces of information from each detail page, you might want to use this button!


Either way, the website you’re trying to scrape displays information across multiple, discrete web pages, this is where Group Extraction comes in! It allows you to automate your web scraping and gather information by grouping multiple pages together using some patterns that Lislty identified. If you want to learn more about it, check out this use case!