Practical tips to help you get real estate listings fast

Quick start guide

  1. Click LISTLY PART
  2. Hit + Group
  3. Hit Group Excel
  4. Download data

It's important to collect real estate data before you begin getting clients in real estate; that’s actually the first step to turning potential clients into a real estate business. If you’re looking for an easy way to get this job done, you’re in the right place!

This post will talk all about getting real estate listings on the housing page at and quickly organizing the database.

Basic Extraction

Click LISTLY PART to scrape real estate data.

Double-check that you've got all the listings on the page — You may be surprised by how fast the data collection has been finished! Well, this is just the beginning!

Group Extraction

Go to the HeyKorean Housing’s second (third, fourth page, or any other page except for the first one) and hit LISTLY PART.

Why start collecting the second page?

Sometimes each tab has different numbers of cards and information. The website’s first web page includes some ads, so the results of data extraction are different from those of the rest pages. If you choose the first page as a starting point of the group extraction, you may encounter a tap matching error and end up not getting the data.

Collecting all the listings from multiple web pages requires you to use the group extraction feature. To that end, click the + Group button.

Copy any URLs to scrape and paste them to the ADD URL section.

Check out the data collection status — all you need is five seconds of patience!

Hit the Success button to view extraction history.

Last but not least, sort and organize your data by clicking GROUP EXCEL!