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Need to collect and manage all the information required for your marketing job? This is just for you! What do you think is the most sparkling gemstone in the world? Today, we’ll explore Tiffany & Co’s diamond jewelry that costs from $1,000 to $30,000. If you’re collecting or comparing diamond products at once, try Listly free today!

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Here’s a quick tip for scraping for those interested in collecting more data! The Tiffany & Co website has a View More button to load more data. To collect more product information, you may want to tap into this.

Right-click View More and hit Inspect.

Hover your mouse over the View More button, right-click, and select Copy > Copy selector.

Go to your DATABOARD and click on the ADD SETTING button.

Paste the CSS selector value to the ELEMENT TO AUTO CLICK section. You can also increase the number of repeating auto-click actions.

Go back to your DATABOARD and hit REFRESH.

Well, you must have collected more data if you followed the instructions so far.

Rock on — Now you’ve got everything you need!