Wayfair is a great place to start your web scraping journey

Check out how you can collect product information from this e-commerce website that sells furniture and home-goods

Manual data collection is a pain in the ass. Imagine that you can collect whatever you want from any website in just a few seconds. That should be saving a lot of your time!

Listly is a free web scraping tool that helps people source product information, generate sales leads, and collect customer reviews with its powerful algorithms. Check out the following tutorial and see how you can use Listly for your work.

Go to any website you want to scrape and click LISTLY WHOLE.

That’s it — you’ll be automatically taken to Listly’s data extraction page and can find what you just saw was collected.

One more, you can even download your data in Excel format. From brand names to prices to customer ratings, scrape anything you want from any e-commerce website. Get started with Listly as your data collection tool right now!