Basic Feature URLs vs. Advanced Feature URLs

The URL is a term we use to measure the amount of URL usage for data extraction, and it consists of two parts: Basic Feature URLs and Advanced Feature URLs. For more information about how they work, please read on.

Basic Feature URLs (URLs for basic features)

  • Can be used for 1-page data extraction using the Basic tab
  • 1 URL is deducted for basic feature data extraction
  • Note: On the paid plans, such as Light and Business, you can use them without any restrictions. If you choose the Free plan, you will be provided with 10 URLs per day, and the deducted URLs will be automatically recharged on a 24-hour basis. However, you will not be able to buy extra URLs for basic features on the Free plan.

Advanced Feature URLs (URLs for advanced features)

  • Can be used for advanced data extraction using Listly's advanced features, such as Tabs, Group Extraction, Auto-Click, Auto-Scroll, Scheduler, Action Templates, and more
  • 1 URL is deducted only for successful advanced data extraction using any of the advanced features
  • Note: Advanced feature URLs do not carry over and are automatically recharged every month after your paid subscription starts. If you choose the paid plans, you can purchase extra URLs for advanced features as needed.