How do Action Templates work?

Action Templates is a feature that can simulate mouse clicks or keyboard events, meaning that it helps you automate interacting with the HTML document such as mouse/keyboard events, once setup is complete.

Why do they matter?

First things first, most websites contain a large amount of data and display them by using pagination, which is a web design technique to divide content into multiple discrete pages. In some cases, you may not be able to scrape data from a website that (1) doesn't change the URL or (2) automatically redirects you to its first landing page even if you were trying to move to another page or to take some actions. Here is where Action Templates come into play!

Then, how do they work?

Listly offers Action Templates to help users deal with pagination in web scraping. In most cases, pagination implementations would fall into one of the four categories below. If you're trying to scrape data from a web page that works as follows, check out this guide page for more detailed information! More Action Templates will be added and available soon, so stay tuned for updates!