How do I apply Group Extraction when using ActionScript?

ActionScript is useful when scraping specific elements that require mouse or keyboard actions to load more data on a website, as shown below. If you are curious about how to use both the ActionScript and Group Extraction features in Listly, please read on to learn more!

Quick start guide

➡️ Scrape page 1 → use ActionScript → redo web scraping → verify a tab to scrape → apply Group Extraction

⚠️ The thing is, ActionScript should be applied to your web scraping job first before starting Group Extraction.

If this step is missing, you may encounter a tap matching error because your web scraping bot cannot identify data patterns to scrape from the given RULs.

[Set up ActionScript after scraping data from a source page]

1. Go to your target web page and scrape data by clicking the Listly's extension iconWhole. Click Settings to move to the settings page for your web scraping job.

2. Copy and paste your ActionScript code provided by the Listly team.

💡 For any inquiries about ActionScript, please fill out this form.

3. Click on the Refresh button to redo scraping data using ActionScript. Once the scraping job is done, click Data to move to the result page.

[Apply Group Extraction after setting up ActionScript]

4. Select a tab to extract and click + Group.

5. Paste the URLs to scrape using Group Extraction.

6. Refresh the browser to see any updates on your web scraping job, and go to the result page by clicking Result once the scraping is done.

7. Click Group Excel or G Sheets and download your data.

Don't forget to double-check if all your tap matching results were successful!