What are Listly URLs and how do they work?

The Listly URLs are the units used to measure the number of URLs for data extraction. If you're on

Free Plan

10 URLs for basic features will be provided per day, and you can use them for 1-page data extraction. The deducted URL usage will be automatically recharged on a 24-hour basis. If you want to avoid the waiting time for recharge, please upgrade your plan. You can also change your plan on your Databoard.

Paid Plan

You can scrape data using both the basic and advanced feature URLs. This means you have full access to unlimited 1-page data extraction and advanced feature URLs (Lite: 100 URLs/mo, Business: 9,000 URLs/mo). Plus, you can buy extra URLs for advanced features!

  • Business Plan: 1,000 URLs/10 USD
  • Light Plan: 100 URLs/10 USD

Please note that the extra URLs will expire on the last day of your billing cycle every month. For more details about the Listly URLs, please check out Basic Feature URLs vs. Advanced Feature URLs.