How to do fix the ConnectionError error?

This post will walk you through how to deal with errors coming down on your databoard.

ConnectionError − This will be displayed if there is any connection error. For instance, if the network failed or the speed of the network is significantly slow your data extraction could fail, and this error message may pop up. When the webpage blocked the IP address from Listly, this type of error message may be shown.

How to fix the ConnectionError?

If the network doesn't work, all you could do is wait for the webpage to be up. If you think the webpage may block the IP address from Listly, you could set the proxy setting to hide your IP address.

Just so you know, fail messages are triggered when unforeseen problems occur. They can happen anytime, so don't panic! If you encounter any other messages not specified on this help center page, please contact the Listly team - we'd be happy to help!