Repeat scrolling to load more data

Who can use this feature?

  • Users who want to handle infinite scrolling and load more data
  • Available on Business Plan

You may have scrolled down infinitely to find items or read more content. Twitter is one example of infinite scrolling; If you need to scrape an infinite scroll website, you may want to check out Listly’s Auto-Scroll, which repeats your scrolling action automatically for you.

Automatically repeat scrolling actions

① Go to an infinite scroll website that you want to scrape.

② Click Listly Whole.

③ Click Add Settings on your Databoard.

④ Set the number of times to repeat scrolling actions as much as you want.

⑤ Click Save to update your settings.

⑥ Click Refresh to re-do the scraping.

  • Listly limits the web scraping time up to 10 minutes according to its system-specific policy. Please make sure to set the time not to exceed 10 minutes. Otherwise, your web scraping may not be completed.