Product Features

All-in-one scraping tool

Browser Extension

Scrape data with just one click. Stay logged in to manage data on your data board. Available on Chrome, Edge, Whale browser.

Web Page to Spreadsheet

No coding needed. Click, click, and done.

Parts Extraction NEW

Select the areas you want. Even if your data is scattered, you can select and extract only the data you need.

Tabs Extraction NEW

Extract open tabs in your web browser with one click. Extracted data can be exported as one sheet.

Group Extraction

Enter the URLs of multiple web pages to collect at once. Then, export them into a single spreadsheet.


Schedule your data extractions to stay up to date on the latest changes. Data will be scraped and stored in your Databoard.

Auto Scroll

Automate scrolling to load more data in a page.

Auto Save while Scrolling

Use this option only if you lose the data while scrolling down.

Auto Click

Automate clicking to load more data in a page.


Automate and combine repetitive keyboard/mouse actions including typing, clicking, scrolling, and etc..

Auto Login

Keep your login credentials safe with Listly's advanced encryption algorithm so that you can web scrape without signing in each time.

Proxy Server

Use a proxy setting to avoid getting blocked by destination website when scraping from it repetitively.

Start Timer

Set a countdown timer to start scraping, allowing web pages to completely load and avoid empty data scraping.

HTML Fileboard

Upload HTML sources if you have local .html files.


Check out the error message with automatic screenshot capturing the moment extraction fails.

Data API beta

Send your data to wherever you would like.