Custom-built for enterprise companies

Listly Enterprise is a custom B2B plan that allows enterprises to extract large-scale data with dedicated and exclusive server resources.

Unlimited URL extraction

Dedicated server per enterprise

Exclusive domain


team productivity at scale

Customize Listly to your business with unlimited scale
at which all your team members work to gather a large
amount of data.


Collect data with
reliable dedicated servers

Expand and automate your own workspaceCheck the status of tasks and reports at a glance with an exclusive server and a domain.


Track project progress
at a glance

Check the status of tasks and reports at a glance with Task Report.

Business Plan vs Enterprise Plan


  • 1 subscription license
  • Shared servers and scrapers
  • 9,000 URLs per month
  • Extraction speed : Up to 15 URLs per account
  • Scheduler available on a daily basis
  • Up to 500 URLs can be scraped per group task
  • Dedicated servers not available
  • Proxy sharing not allowed
  • Task summary report not supported
  • Multiple log-ins available
  • Admins mode not available

  • Unlimited licenses
  • Dedicated servers and scrapers
  • Unlimited URLs
  • Extraction speed : no limit per account *
  • Scheduler: 1-minute or hourly granularity beta
  • Up to 1,000 URLs can be scraped per group task
  • Dedicated servers available
  • Proxy server options available across all team member accounts
  • Task summary report supported
  • Multiple log-ins available
  • Admins mode available beta
* The maximum number of scrapers may be limited

What makes Listly Enterprise different?

No-code web scraping tool
anyone can use

With Listly's easy-to-use web scraping tool, you can export data directly to a spreadsheet in seconds without coding. Make your work easier and more efficient.

Flexible to adapt to any
changes in the website design

Listly is flexible and robust to deal with website updates or changes in HTML structure.

All it takes is
just a few seconds

Listly’s powerful algorithms identify particular HTML elements from which to scrape and patterns in data. Save time and money with Listy.

Enterprise Plan for Large-Scale Data Collection

Listly helps you create ideal data collection environments without getting blocked.
Keep clean and structured data at your fingertips.