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Why People Scrape

Top Use Cases

Collecting Contacts

for Sales Representative

Collecting Product Details

for Online Seller

Collecting Reviews

for CRM Manager

Monitoring Promotions

for Marketer

Collecting Profiles

for HR Recruiter

Exporting Internal Data

for Administrative Assistant

Auditing Search Results

for SEO Expert

Tracking Ranking Charts

for Media Analyst

Discovering Real Estates

for Realtor

Organizing Financial Indicators

for Investor

Monitoring News

for PR Agent

Collecting Sports Stats

for Sports Statistician


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Better for developers

Developers go through a lot of pain and sleepless nights to get reliable data. Listly helps developers streamline their data collection workflows with just one click. Enjoy the most powerful web scraping tool and stay up-to-the-minute.

Best for non-developers

Non-technical professionals, from retailers to marketers to analysts and researchers, now can easily get data with a single click. Listly helps non-tech savvy professionals skip hours of copying and pasting and keep their data organized. Export web data to Excel in a moment. Make your work easier.

web page to excel

This is a paid service for $150

We support for ActionScript as needed

One on one
Customized solution

Our team helps to learn how to utilize Listly for your extraction tasks (90-minute video call)

This is a paid service for $150

We support for ActionScript as needed

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